Desert Artists League

Donna Maria Smith


Ink and Watercolor


The four pictures on this page are drawings using ink and watercolors. I am fascinated by mixing my media to achieve different effects. Although I also enjoy painting with oils and acrylics, I occasionally get in the mood to experiment with the tiny details that can be achieved using fine ink pens and subtly filling in color with watercolors. Due to my late husband's obsession with all things Egyptian (being a history professor), I became fascinated with drawing Egyptian statues. The use of ink to achieve the deep crevices, cracks and shadows in the ancient stones gives tremendous dimension to the drawing. The fourth drawing is of one of our local desert petroglyphs, again using ink and watercolors.

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Above you can check the work of some of our members. Any member of our club can exhibit artwork on the web site for small fee. Please contact Julia Stepro at 760-495-2030 to display your work.


Abu Simbel, watercolor 24x36
Local Petroglyphs, Watercolor
Statue Hathor, Watercolor 11x14
Statue of Ramesses II, watercolor 18x24
Balloons over the Mojave Desert, Oils
Koi Beauties, Watercolor
Koi Pond, Watercolors
Frolic in the Forest, Oils